Experience and documentation

Björg Gudjondottir et.al Pediatr Phys Ther 2002; 14:38-46
Effects of a dynamic versus a static Prone stander on bone mineral density and behavior in four children with severe cerebral palsy.

Both children who used the dynamic stander showed increases in bone mineral density, versus only one of the children who used the static stander.

Eisenberg S1, Zuk L, Carmeli E, Katz-Leurer M. Pediatr. Phys Ther. 2009. Spring;21(1):79-85.
Contribution of stepping while standing to function and secondary conditions among children with cerebral palsy.

22 children with severe cerebral palsy was included in the study. 11 underwent treatment using a Hart Walker (HW) device, and the other 11 underwent a passive standing program. Children exposed to the HW improved bowel function, and were able to take steps independently in the device. Providing a child who is nonambulatory the opportunity to walk may be important both for participation in activities of daily living and social roles and for preventing secondary conditions.

Virginia Wright, Jeffrey W. Jutai, Disability and Rehabnilitation:Assistive Technology 2006; 1(3):155-166
Evaluation of the longer-term use of the David Hart Walker Orthosis by children with cerebral pasly: a 3-year prospective evalutation

A pre-/post- test prospective one-group study evalutated outcomes three years after receiving the David Hart Walker Orthosis. The Hart Walker Orthosis remained the sole walking device for 13 of 20 children at 3 years and demonstrated improved ability overall to manoueuvre it during functional ambulation. Six of seven children who discontinued use were over 12 years old and had outgrown its maximum size.

Chritoph Kuenzle, Reinal Brunner, Journal of prosthetics and orthotics 2009;21(3):138-144
The effects of the Norsk Funktion-Walking (NF-Walker) orthosis on the walking ability of children with cerebral palsy and severe gait impairment

78 children with CP with little or no trunk control were able to walk with the NF-Walker with moderate to no assistance. An increase in body function and activity according to the ICF was achieved.

Dr. med. Christel Kannegieß, Germany
The NF-Walker in the rehabiliation of children with a pronounced movement disorder

The NF-Walker helps children with multiple disabilities who, without the device, would need strong guidance and/or support from a helper to walk. The NF-walker enables the child to coer longer distances, as a result of which walking is increased and the walking sequence can more easily be automated. This intensive walking increases muscle strength in both legs and upper body. There is also a positive impact on hip mauration, as this requires standing and walking stimuli.

Physiotherapist S. Schneiders, Germany
Does early application of medical aid devices make sense. Based on the example of the NF-Walker.

Experience with the NF-Walker in an institution. The NF-Walker offers the safety the children need and enables progress both in their motor and their socio-emotional development.

Martín Gómez M.; laguna mena c.: Martín Maroto M.P.; Arroyo Riaño M.O. Jornadas Cientificas de la Sociedad Española de Rehabilitación Infantil, Volumen 2, Madrid Marzo 2012
Evaluation of the NF-Walker

According to the results attained in our study, we find that the NF-Walker is a higlyrelvant helping aid for children with spastic CP, GMFCS V. There is a high degree of satisfaction amongst parents, related to technological aspects, adjustment to their needs and autonomy granted; therfore it is overall a good option to be prescribed by rehabilitation doctors for these patients.

Idoia Gandarias Mendieta. El Mirado N ͦ 121 July 2008
NF-Walker: Dynamic and mobile standing orthosis

The NF-Walker offers children the possibility to experience standing independently, both still and moving. The device guarantees a correct body alignment, allowing the lower limb flexor muscles to stretch and improving head control and trunk stability.



Case - Girl 15 months with CDG syndrom

The movement and the position have a positive effect on her digestion. Being on the same level of high have been crucial in her social interaction

Case - 5 year old boy with CP GMFCS IV

He is clearly enjoying the dynamic upright position with both hands free. It gives his the opportunity to interact with the other children. He moves his legs when someone holds his hand and pulls him towards them.

Case - 5 year old girl. Blind and metally defected

Moves independently in her NF-Walker. Moves easier from sitting to standing. The walking distance in the NF-Walker has improved and with the support of an adult she walks wiht better stability.


«The NF-Walker is the most important tool for our daughter. It allows her to be at the same height as the other children, and she can stand and walk on her own.»
– Father

«I am a mother of a multi-disabled boy. He uses the NF-Walker. There are many great things to be said about the NF-Walker, but what I am most impressed with is the customization and follow-up services provided. The Walker is great for activity and training, and now we hope to try the Innowalk.»
– Mother

«We purchased the NF-Walker for our 14 year old daughter. She simply blossoms when she has the ability to move and stand on her own, and she gets the unique opportunity to communicate with other children her own age. We hope that the Innowalk will soon be made for bigger children and teens. Our kids need movement for circulation, better digestion and stronger muscles. I think this product is fantastic and I hope that my daughter will soon be able to enjoy using the Innowalk as well.
– Mother

«I am a mother of a multi-disabled boy. He uses the NF-Walker. There are many great things to be said about the NF-Walker, but what I am most impressed with is the customization and follow-up services provided. The Walker is great for activity and training, and now we hope to try the Innowalk.»
– Mother




«Our 4 year old girl has enjoyed using both the Innowalk and the NF-Walker. After she received the Innowalk, she has actually started to move her legs by herself in the NF-Walker. Now she is more physically active.»
– Physical Therapist

«Our little 4 yr old girl has a severe case of CP, and her only opportunity to be on the same level as the other children in school has been with the NF-Walker®. Now she is able to join in and dance and walk with the other children. You couldn’t possibly find a happier child! In addition, it jump-starts her gastrointestinal system when she stands, so that is a HUGE plus!»
– Physical Therapist

«Our 11 year old daughter has used the NF-Walker since the autumn of 2001. It’s only been in the last year that she has been able to take a few steps with it, so things take time! She has to work extra hard to get around, but she really loves it. Now she has used the Innowalk since the autumn of 2009 and you can see how much she enjoys it! It has had a positive effect on her digestive system, head and neck control, physical condition etc. But most important of all is the elation of being able to move without the awful struggle! Everything is a huge challenge for our daughter, so the Innowalk has been a very positive addition in that it gives her so much ability without the unbelievable hassle on her end. It’s also a very meaningful use of her time since it’s so difficult for her to do activities on her own. I couldn’t be without the Innowalk!»
– Mother